We protect you from insurance company tactics

An insurance company’s actions are not always in your best interest, and that is why you need a San Antonio auto accident attorney of the Law Office of Carleton Spears to help:

I let the insurance company know that you have an auto accident attorney. They are immediately informed that you will not accept a deal for less compensation than you deserve, because your attorney will advise you against doing so.

As an auto accident lawyer in San Antonio, I can help you communicate with insurance companies in a way that does not endanger your case. Often, clients will accidentally do things to harm their cause, like admit all or partial fault for the accident. I can explain to you exactly how to discuss your car accident with your insurance company in a legally sound way. Or, if you like, we can become your primary method of communicating with them, thereby reducing your stress and limiting your liability.

Auto accident attorneys in San Antonio can collect and present evidence in such a way that it becomes clear you are entitled to the damages you seek. Insurance companies are often reluctant to go to court when such evidence is presented by an experienced advocate. They know that their odds of receiving a favorable verdict are slim, because your accident attorney knows how to convince a judge or jury that your opponent should pay the amount requested

Published by Carleton Spears on 2015-07-13

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